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  eDeep in the Mix - Audiogrooves Soul #477 - 355 listeners
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eDeep In The Mix brings to you a selection of House Music in Deep/Tech/Funky and Tribal Flavour!
Mixed and edited by eDeep
eDeep In The Mix
  Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil
Eduardo Cury aka eDeep começou a tocar profissionalmente em 1994. Seu trabalho sempre foi destacado pela qualidade técnica nas mixagens e por seu repertório ser baseado em uma House Music sofisticada e underground . Nomes como Masters At Work, Kerri Ch. [+] leia mais
01 00:00 My Man 
Artist: Lovebirds   Label: Freerange (2010)
02 03:56 I Don't Speak About House (Original Mix)
Artist: Pablo Fierro  Label:
03 06:44 Soller (Original Mix)
Artist: Dj Le Roi Presents Valdemossa  Label:
04 09:05 Destination (i Can Take You There) (Vocal)
Artist: Mark Grant  Label:
05 10:49 Yeah Yeah (Original)
Artist: Gramophonedzie  Label:
06 14:45 Control (Leif Remix)
Artist: Inland Knights  Label: Control (2011)
07 17:54 Diamonds In The Sky 
Artist: Nathan G  Label:
08 20:40 Broken (Original Mix)
Artist: Dominic Martin  Label: Lost My Dog
09 24:42 The Rat 
Artist: Lovebirds  Label: Freerange
10 27:52 Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
Artist: Tony Lionni  Label:
11 33:01 Interlude 
Artist: Phaze Dee  Label:
12 35:31 Behind Closed Doors (Deez Do Not Disturb Dub)
Artist: Demarkus Lewis And Eman  Label:
13 39:15 This Is Imaginary (Gramophonedzie Club Remix)
Artist: Ptaah  Label:
14 43:00 The Glow (Original Mix)
Artist: Nils Nuernberg, Florian Kruse  Label:
15 46:45 Twelve Bits Of Love (Camouflage Sugarshake Remix)
Artist: Joey Youngman  Label:
16 50:31 U Got Me Going 
Artist: Timeless House Project  Label:
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